RBT 101 - Rabbit Capture HOWTO

Tired of those cute, annoying vermin rampaging around your apartment complex like they own the place? This document describes how to use their environment against them to successfully capture one and make it go down a slide.

Step 1 - Chase the Rabbit(s)

While there are no images for this step, it's fairly obvious. In fact, this step isn't really all that necessary. We spent our first couple of attempts simply running around with towels trying to catch them.

Step 2 - Tempt Them with Breads

Again, no pictures and again, this step is optional and generally unsuccessful. We setup a trap using a hamper, a stick and a piece of string. Unfortunately neither of us is patient enough to wait for this method to work.

Step 3 - Give up on the Bread and Resume Chasing It

Similar to step 1, but this time we had a destination in mind. Ryan suggested we try to get it to run through the playground, which is completely fenced in save for the two entrances.

Step 4 - Guard the Exit Points

We had two people and two exit points. However, that leaves 0 people to chase the rabbit and actually attempt to capture it. Thus, the apparatus constructed in Step 2 may be used to obstruct one of the exits. The added bonus here is that if the rabbit is stupid enough to run into the hamper, you get a bonus catch!

Note the string used to close the hamper for the bonus catch. Also note that the rabbit was not stupid enough to run into the hamper, despite excessive chasing.

Step 5 - Chase the Rabbit to Exhaustion

Run around the playground for an excessive period of time until the rabbit is tired enough that you can close in on it...

We actually did this twice, since our first attempt at getting a picture of the rabbit going down the slide failed.

Step 6 - Bring the Rabbit Inside

You probably don't want to do this step, since shortly after we discovered that the rabbit was ridden with ticks. At which point we immediately brought it back outside.

Step 7 - Sliding Rabbit!

That's right, what else are you going to do after you have caught the poor little thing? Make him go down a slide!

That concludes today's lesson. There are, we're sure, plenty of other things you could do to the rabbit at this point. We simply let it go. Apparently some people think they taste good, though...